Lineage II Vanilla
Welcome to Lineage II Vanilla!

This is a free to play, Lineage II Interlude project.
We do not sell any premium features. Everyone playing on this server has access to all the same items, locations, skills and other features as any other player, we do not have any paywalls.
Only your skills matter on this server.
We are trying to keep this server as close to the original "Vanilla" L2 experience as it was so many years ago.

Key changes from the original L2:
- Offline private buy/sell/manufacture
- Reworked pets AI. Pets use skills, buff/heal self, owner and party members automatically. - Crafting takes time, but gives XP/SP
- There are some quality-of-life improvements.
- Leveling, drop and spoil rates are 2-3 times higher than the original.
- Mobs are able to occupy the same space (group together into clumps).
- Client files have been updated to support Windows 10 and higher platforms.

This server is currently in a testing stage. Everyone is welcome to register and test.